Bryan Chappell - Bass Guitar-VocalsBRYAN CHAPPELL - Lead Vocals / Bass Guitar
Gear: Ibanez Sr 805’s five string basses, Elixir Bass / Guitar strings, Taylor 616ce acoustic, Mesa Carbine 9 (left), Mesa Carbine 6 (right), Mesa Powerhouse 1200 cab (15”/ 4x10”) (left), Mesa Powerhouse 1000 cab (6x10”) (right), G Major2 processor, BBE Twin Sonic Maximizer / Compressor, Monster Cables.
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Bryan Chappell is a self taught guitar/ bass player and songwriter from St. Louis, MO. After picking up his first guitar at 13, songwriting fell quickly into place. Not one for playing others music, he spent his early years putting his thoughts and feelings into his own creations. He started Divine Sorrow in 2011, after a fifteen year break from playing live. Soon after penning the song “Everything”, radio and media came calling. Seven years later, he is going strong and enjoys all of the new found friends and fans, that this journey has led him on. As he says “Work hard, dream big and fear nothing”...

Mike Sikorski - GuitarMIKE SIKORSKI - Guitar / Backup Vocals
Gear: Les Paul guitars powered by a Mesa Boogie TC-50 and Mesa 4/12 cabinet. Morley wah and volume petals. MXR effect petals. Monster cables.
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I have always loved music since a very young age. A self taught guitarist, I started playing in cover bands in the late 80’s. After ten years l grew weary of covers and started writing original music. Founded and fronted the band Caustic in 1999 to through 2006. No major projects until joining Divine Sorrow in 2011. I have many influences.

Sonny Ng - GuitarSONNY NG - Guitar / Backup Vocals
Gear: PRS guitars and Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster Amps, aka/ Godzilla.
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Sonny Ng is an Asian American guitarist, who joined Divine Sorrow in Winter 2016. Sonny first heard of Divine Sorrow when they opened up for Ace Frehley at Pop’s. He was so impressed with the band and how nice everyone was, that he volunteered to be a part of the stage crew. When the guitarist position became available, he auditioned and became a permanent fixture on the left side of the stage.
In his spare time, Sonny enjoys making free guitar lesson videos for Youtube. His channel has over 2.5 million views, and over 5,000 subscribers as of July 2018.

Justin Blumenkamp - DrumsJUSTIN BLUMENKAMP - Drums / Percussion
Gear: 6 piece Mapex M Birch kit, Paiste cymbals, DW pedals and hardware, Evans tom heads / Remo snare heads.
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Justin began playing drums in 1995 at 13 and found himself behind the kit for Divine Sorrow when a mutual friend referred the band to him in the winter of 2017. His unique approach to drumming comes from being almost entirely self taught. He says Divine Sorrow appealed to him due to their fine tuned sound, experience, professionalism, and reputation. His hobbies include Egyptology, cosmology, history, reading, writing, and model trains. He is very excited to be part of the new album from Divine Sorrow titled "The Far Beneath" and plans on performing many shows with the band in the upcoming year.